Why Do We Worry?

08 Jun 2014

Why-worryWhat is that motivates or initiates us to worry? What are the things you worry about?

We might look at individual instances and issues that we worry about. From finances (or debt and bills); relationships and how we’ve treated others; other pressures we feel are contributing to an unstable future for ourselves. And so we worry.

Does our worrying help us overcome the issues we worry about?

Some of us might say the answer is no, it does not help, but we still can’t help but worry. Some might say it does help and does influence the way we act in order to take care of the things we’re worried about. Let’s examine these two viewpoints.

1. We understand that worry does not help us in life yet, we can’t help but worry.

This thinking would seem to arise from a misappropriation of identity. On one level, you see worrying as a destructive force. You see that worry causes stress and robs you of the enjoyment that living is. However, when circumstances occur that seem destructive toward you, you respond to them with your own force of destruction: your worry-weapon.

Worry happens when we are mentally disconnected from who we really are. Who we really is connected to everything there is. There is not the issue which causes you to worry and the you which is doing the worrying. The issue that you perceive as causing your worrying is also operating from a sense of fear as well. That force of fear and worry attempts to disconnect you from who you know yourself to be deep down, so that you will also worry. But it is not as though you need be on the defensive, because that too would feed anxiety. It is that you understand the issue you are worrying about is an illusion. You need not worry because there is nothing real to worry about.

2. I worry because it motivates me to take care of the things I worry about.

One who lives from this point of view, robs themselves of joy. You might say that worrying is a motivating force to accomplish great things; to overcome your obstacles. But of course, as soon as you have overcome one obstacle a new one presents itself; a new worry to overcome. And so your life is spent with worry always there. And that is no way to live.

Worries are always born from a thought about something that does not actually exist. Worry occurs because we either we want to be or, think we have control. Who we really are is not tied to a controlled future. If it were that would rather boring. We have placed expectations upon ourselves and have expectations placed upon us by others that would seek to rob us of our joy, our freedom, and our peace. Worry is an illusion fueled by fear and seeking to convince us we can take control of the flow of life. But life, is a grand adventure full of wonder. Laughter is always an excellent remedy for worry. Let’s laugh instead of worry.

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