The Way I Do Business

Business is what we call sharing our skills, services, and resources with those who need or would like to benefit from what we are able to offer. In today's economic world, the pursuit of profit is often the prime motivation for what we choose to do in business - our way of making a living. However, when we work or serve someone else based upon the monetary reward we know we will receive, we are robbed of the joy that comes with freely giving to one another without expectation of what we will receive in return. I offer my work, skills, resources, experience, education, teachings and services to you completely for free.

Let's Talk Business. What Would You Like To Do?

The Way I Help You Do Business

In my past professional career I worked for a wide range of types of industries in the fields of general consulting, website design and development, non-profit fundraising, advertising, sales, press relations and other areas. I believe that success is life and business is all about building relationships and connecting with those who would benefit from what you have to offer. I will work with you to develop your ideas for how to grow your business, cause, or whatever it is you would like to do.
Every business I create provides a service or product with the philosophy of freely give; freely receive. We operate solely based on donations made by those who find value and benefit from what we offer. Learn about the businesses I've created below.
The Free Web Developer is a business created to provide free website design and development services, helping people connect and build relationships with clients, customers and visitors in the online world.

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